Know Of The Benefits Of Raised Vegetable Garden Beds

Raised vegetable garden bed is a simple way that you can use to grow plants and be able to have productive and healthy produce at the end. They are also called garden boxes, and they are small plots that are used to grow anything that you would want to. They have open grounds which allow the roots of the vegetables to penetrate down to the soil for more nutrients. The raised beds are also a good way of boosting drainage. You can also introduce different types of soil in your garden, especially if you have sandy or clay soil which is not suitable for growing vegetables.

Raised gardens require very little space and you can build them in any location of your garden that you would want. The main thing that you need for the raised garden beds is soil and whatever vegetables you want to plant. The sides are made of a material that is safe for the vegetables.  You can put mulch to reduce the growth of weed and preserve the soil moisture.

Raised vegetable garden beds have their benefits, and these are:

  • The soil on the garden bed cannot be washed away or eroded when there is too much rain because it is protected by the sides of the bed.
  • They reduce back strain when you bend over to work on the garden. Some are also built in a way that you can sit down when attending to the garden. This makes it easier for one to enjoy planting, weeding, tendering and also harvesting vegetables.
  • You are able to plant your vegetables no matter the season because the soil warms up faster than the surrounding soil during spring time. It can also dry faster, so it is important to keep watering them.
  • They prevent soil compaction because you don’t step on the bed when attending to your vegetables. This provides a good medium for the beneficial microorganisms and also earthworms.
  • The raised sides will help in keeping away any crawling pests such as snails and slugs from the vegetables.
  • Plants can grow in different types of soil than the one the garden, and you can put compost or organic matter to enable you to get healthy vegetables.
  • Nearby weeds or grass are not able to enter your vegetable garden and mix with them because of the raised sides.
  • If you have several raised gardens, and they are arranged well in a pattern or rows hence become appealing on the garden.

It is important to water your vegetables often due to the drainage.  Raised vegetable gardens are suitable for beginners in gardening because they give you the experience that is involved in the process i.e. from planting to harvesting of the vegetables. However, it is also suitable for people who have a small garden and need to grow a variety of vegetables.