The Raised Garden Beds Plans You Should Consider

Raised garden beds make growing vegetables and flowers an easy process as much is not involved in the process. You will not require too much space when building raised beds because all you will need is soil and the vegetables or flowers that you would want to plant. You will also need to add organic matter or compost to ensure that the ground has well-balanced nutrition and also for healthy plants. However, you would need to plan before even building your raised garden beds.

The important things that you should consider while planning include:

  • Location of the beds- plan to build the raised beds in an area that receives a good amount of sunlight, has a good source of water, and there is no strong wind or frost. Plants require a good amount of sunshine for growth and the water can be through a hose pipe or even trough drip irrigation.
  • Size-Raised beds should not be huge, so that you are able to manage them easily. A standard bed is about 3 by 5 feet and is easy to DIY.
  • Make sure you have sufficient amount of soil that you will use for planting. Get to know if it is the right kind of soil that plants can grow from or you will need a different type of soil.
  • Make sure you have sufficient space between the raised beds so that they will allow people to pass through or even a wheelbarrow that is used while working on the beds
  • Make sure you choose materials to be used on the sides that are friendly to the vegetables or flowers that you plant. Some of the best are cedar or redwood which are rot-free, stones, concrete or bricks.
  • There should be a good drainage to ensure that the soil is not wet as it can cause the plants to rot.
  • Depending on what you are planting, check on the spacing that is required of them so that they are able to get enough sunlight, water, and nutrients all in one place.
  • If you would love for the raised garden beds to serve as attractive features, then plan on adding designs such as post caps or even color that matches your home. You can also add some lighting for highlights.
  • If you are planning on having several raised beds; you can arrange them in various shapes or patterns so as to bring out an attractive landscape.
  • You can choose to plant different types of vegetables or flowers that grow into different height so that they can bring out a little drama to your garden.
  • If you plan to have the raised garden beds for a long period, make sure you rotate what you plant in them so that the nutrients in the soil are not depleted each year by the same plant. You can do this at least after every three years.