Various Ideas Used For Raised Flower Beds

Raised flower beds make growing of flowers much easier and also maintaining them, planting, weeding and also thinning. They are easier to keep because it is hard for grass and weeds to encroach in the beds. Having raised flower beds doesn’t require one to have an ample space so that you can brighten and add fragrance to your home.  You can get creative with the space that you have and build your raised flower bed with whatever materials that you have available. Most of them are easy, hence you can do it by yourself.

Some of the raised flower bed ideas include:

  1. Raised flower beds with benches or steps– these beds have seats on their side so that you can sit while tending to your flowers. This is good for people who have a painful back or a bad knee that will prevent them from bending. As you build a raised bed, you include sitting places or even build a raised bed near a patio or steps.
  2. Modular metal trough flower bed– some flower beds can be made by use of a galvanized metal. This metal is made of durable Zincalum steel; it is eye catching and last longer because of its colorbond coating. The bed can be assembled in four ways that can be able to fit in the available space. It minimizes the chances of bending while working on the flower bed. It is easy to assemble and also acts as an attractive piece on your garden.
  3. The VegTrug Wallhugger – this type of flower beds are best for narrow spaces and for people who can’t bend. It has a V-shape design that will enable one to grow flowers that have long roots. It is placed in front of walls or fence to allow the flowers grow vertically, and it is of comfortable height for one to work while they sit.
  4. Rocklock raised flower beds– these flower beds are made from artificial rocks that interlock each other through faux stones. They are both functional and attractive, hence make great flower beds. They are light, easy to assemble, and they will look and feel like real rock walls. They are also durable as they don’t chip or crack quickly despite the weather or season.
  5. Tiered raised flower beds– you can plant your flowers in levels so that they can grow in a unique shape and can be accessed easily. As you build the bed, you place the frames in a tier form and plant different flowers in each tier. The tiers can be two or three per flower bed.
  6. Log framed flower beds– you can use straight logs to create the bed frames for that unique look. You can stack up logs as high as you will want to raise your flower bed.