Know How You Can Make Cheap Raised Garden Beds

Raised garden bed is a popular way of planting vegetables, flowers or even herbs in small plots or boxes. They are commonly used because one can tend to the plants much easier than in a large garden or farm. You can also plan on the layout of how you want the plants to grow. If you are a beginner in gardening, then raised garden beds are the best to start with. They are easy to build, and they require fewer materials and tools to build.

There are cheap raised garden beds where you can make on your own if you want to save money.

Some of them are:

  • You can buy the big plastic bags in different sizes, fill them up with soil and compost and then plant your vegetables or flowers. This is a cheaper method as no tools are required to build and also doesn’t require one to have a large space. You can also use burlap sacks in the same way as the plastic bags. Both can be placed in the backyard or along the road.
  • Wattle fencing- this is an old, cheap way of fencing that involves using soft woods e.g. willow which is excellent for fencing. First, you must have wooden stakes that are cut in equal sizes and then drive them into the ground with equal spaces in between. Next, take the willow branches and soak in water for two hours to make them supple. The branches are then weaved back and forth between the upright stakes all around and then make the second row in the opposite direction. Continue weaving till the stakes are covered up to the top.
  • Natural materials such as branches can also be used to make raised beds. You will need enough branches of equal size that can make a strong frame, four thicker logs, which will act as the corners and straight timber for the top. Use all these to make a good firm frame that can hold the soil and plants.
  • Keyhole garden is a method that uses less space, recycled material, and conserves water. It is built in a circular shape, and a slice is cut off to allow easy access to the compost garden in the middle. The frame is made of concrete, wood or bricks, and the compost pit is made of wire. Water is poured on the compost and then it drips down the slope of the soil into the plants carrying nutrients and irrigating them at the same time.
  • Old tires make great frames for raised garden beds as it uses recycled material and requires minimal space. All you need is to fill them up with soil and then plant your vegetables or flowers.
  • You can also use a garage door panel to make raised garden beds. You need to cut them out to the required length and size you need for the bed. Use them to build the frames and then pour the soil and compost.