How To Build A Raised Garden Bed

You don’t need to have a big garden so as to plant flowers or vegetables in your home. You can plan to have a raised garden bed and plant all that you want. Building a raised garden bed is an easy process, and frequent times one can do it by themselves. You will need a few tools and materials and also a small space while you build. Raised garden beds can be either square or rectangular in shape depending on your likes and space.

The following is the process that is followed while building a raised garden bed:

  • Choose a location that has enough sunshine which is essential for the growth of your plants. Mark the outline of the garden bed on the ground by use of strings or chalk dust and if you want to build several beds, make sure you leave sufficient space in between. They should be of a width that you are able to reach the middle of the bed from either side. Take off any grass or weeds and make sure the ground is level. Dig vertical lines along the frame or even install drainage pipes or drill holes to ensure sufficient water drainage. The length will depend on the space available and how many raised beds you need.
  • Next, is the building of the frame of the garden bed. You will need to use a material that will not affect your plants such as bricks, stones, concrete or rot free wood. Place the sides of the outline and if using wood, make sure you fasten the corners well. The height should be 11 inches high, but it can go up a bit depending on your plants. The frames should be level to the ground and should not shake at all.
  • When the frame is complete, the next thing is to fill it with the soil that you will use for planting. You can get soil from your garden or get soil from another place if you don’t have good soil suitable for the growth of plants. Mix the soil with compost or manure so that you increase the nutrient value.
  • Put a weed suppressing landscape fabric at the bottom of the frame and should extend outside of the frame. You can also put a galvanized wire mesh before putting the soil if there are any burrowing animal such as moles or even pests that are likely to attack the plants.
  • Put a pipe all-around the frame for easy watering. The pipe can be held in place by pins that are suitable for the material used. If you don’t have a pipe to pin all round, you can be watering the plants frequently by use of a hosepipe or a sprinkler
  • Next is to plant your flowers or vegetables and put mulch so as to prevent quick evaporation of water and also prevent weeds from growing. Avoid stepping on the bed so that the soil isn’t compacted and reduce chances of weed growth.