Raised garden bed gives numerous advantages to home garden enthusiasts. If you want to build your own raised garden bed then it’s vital to to pick the right tools for the job. You should choose the type of wood that will last long and looks beautiful when building your frame. Some types of wood are better for building your garden bed that others. Ideally you should build a durable raised garden bed that will last you for a long time.

Instructions to Building Your own Raised Garden Bed

It is not hard to build your own raised garden bed, as it needs minimal amount of materials and effort, the most important part is the material you choose to build your garden bed from. You should carefully choose what sort of wood to utilize, what size it should be, and whether you’ll have to build the whole garden bed yourself or use corner supports bought from the store which simplify the building procedure and give a protected corner that will last for quite a while.

What sort of wood should you use?

Most of the time, cedar is the best wood to use for your raised garden bed since cedar is very resistant to moisture and won’t rot that easy. There are quite a bit of cedars to choose from, most popular are: Juniper, Yellow Port Orford, Vermont and Western red. If you don’t want to use cedar you can try Redwood as an alternative. The choice of wood determines how long your garden bed will last. If you build your raised garden bed right, it will last you a good 10 years and some beds even last for 15 years or more before they need changing. It is more cost efficient to spend a little more on good wood once than replace your low quality wood every other year.